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Europe Container Terminal (ECT), Europe’s Biggest Port







The Europe Container Terminal (ECT), which operates 672 acres of PoR along the west coast.  At 50 years old, it was the port’s first container terminal, and recently became the first fully-automated terminal in the world.

We always pictured a large container port with workers all over the docks. This made it surprising to see ECT’s docks essentially people-free. Instead, we saw auto-guided vehicles and cranes moving containers everywhere.

Here’s a few facts about ECT:

  • It handles about 80,000 containers each week (about 100,000 during a good economy)
  • It handles 120 trains per week, most of them going to Germany
  • It handles 500 barges per week
  • It handles 22 trucks per week
  • ECT employees about 2,000 people, working in five shifts, 24/7

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