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Don’t put off your solar power investments, there’s money to be saved

If you continue putting off your investment in solar power your potential energy and money savings are virtually guaranteed to eventually get eclipsed by your utility bills.

imageGranted, cost efficiency has long been one of the most challenging impediments standing in the way of solar panel kits achieving mainstream feasibility, but the solar energy industry is enjoying some exceptional technological breakthroughs bolstered by increased investor and government support.

Solar power technology was basically in a holding pattern in the decades leading up to just the last few years, failing to offer consumers much at all in the way of proper incentive, falling drastically short of providing a reliable, day-to-day and efficient means of harnessing a sufficient amount of the sun’s energy gifting rays. Unfortunately, this cast a stigma on the solar power industry, contributing to a deficiency in manufacturer interests and investor confidence. However, our solar-energy development technology is now surging forward at an unprecedented pace. In fact, solar power is the most rapidly developing power-generation technology around the globe!

Solar energy researchers and manufacturers are now able to see further into a very sunny future because of the shoulders of the solar-energy giants upon which they stand. Now, each new development promotes the exponential growth rate of solar energy technology capabilities. This progressive development equates to more powerful solar panel equipment accompanied by consistent improvements in efficiency and reliability. And it’s these elements that have a major impact on the cost of solar panel kits.

This means that you can now pay less and get more. For example, the power output demonstrated by imagethe most recent generation of solar technology demonstrated an annual average increase of 60 percent, boasting an improvement of 118 percent from 2009’s output.

Furthermore, you’re afforded an even greater degree of confidence in your investment through increased government involvement, incentives, legislature and even law. A prime example of this was established in 2011 when the California State Senate passed into law the monumental Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) or the 33 percent RPS law. This law mandates that all California electric utilities will provide at least a third of their electricity from clean, secure, renewable sources, such as the wind and sun by the year 2020. This is exceptional news even if you’re not a California resident because such an influential state has now set precedence and created a model for other states to adopt, creating a down-hill momentum so to speak.

As new accomplishments continue to break through once unfathomable boundaries throughout the solar-technology industry, your options for different solar panel kits continue to grow along with them. In addition, it’s essential to keep in mind that a key element regarding solar power kits is front-end expenses versus. This is an ideal opportunity to spend more now to save and even earn more later.

Let HEC Distribution source your projects at great competitive prices!

Right Products. Great Price. Goals Met.

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